Show Schedule for Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach, SC Show Schedule for Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach, SC


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Show Schedule – Myrtle Beach, SC

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Avast, me bucko! For a list of upcoming show dates and times, check the show schedule below and make plans for your family to visit Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach, SC. Ye better book now!

Call Our Box Office: (843) 497-9700

Arrive Early!

Set a course to arrive early and begin yer Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show adventure with a fun, interactive experience in me PIRATES VILLAGE  where ye will sing-a-long to pirate chanteys and wet yer whistle with pirate-themed beverages and delicious snacks!


Join the crew for a thrilling adventure!

Pirates Village

At Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show an unbelievable, epic battle breaks out complete with sword fighting and cannons blazing, as pirates swing from ship to ship and leap from mast to mast while fighting to win the coveted Davey Jones sunken treasure!

You’ll be amazed at the sighting of mesmerizing mermaids, live animals, and a salty surround filled with dramatic lighting effects, realistic soundings, and powerful pyrotechnics! All crews with special needs are fully accommodated and signed on! Just give the captain a heads up for assistance.

Call ahead to Ticket Sales at (843) 497-9700 and we will happily make your adventure accessible, whatever the need. Pirates with allergies or other medical conditions please be advised to take the necessary precautions before joining the crew.


Christmas at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach, SC

November 5, 2020